Hello, my name is Ben Moore.

I'm a creative storyteller from southeast Mississippi. I'm a photographer, filmmaker, designer, and developer.

On this blog, I'll write about whatever I please; however, I'll try and restrain myself to photography, film, and the occasional deep, philosophical peer into the soul. I'll refrain from posting about programming languages and web technologies.

I've been taking pictures since I was five, making movies since I was six, and being since 1999. I've been programming since year eight, but this is neither the time nor place. I've also written for a hot minute.

I have curly hair that's problematic eight days out of the week, green eyes that rarely have the willpower to be green, and a mild obsession with cereal.

I'm two-hundred fifteen months old. I prefer a comma before the final 'and' in a list. I like rainbows, Taylor Swift (and Katy Perry), coffee, and long walks in the woods.