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Make the Wrong Decision

Make the Wrong Decision

Often, a cage is comfort, bondage is freedom, and restriction is peace.

When given the hypothetical choice between freedom or servitude, most would easily and adamantly choose the former; however, when reaching a difficult decision in our daily lives, this conviction becomes less fervent. When we ourselves are at stake, when the hypothetical becomes actual, freedom of choice can be our greatest fear, and commitment can be our deepest dread. Being at the helm of our own ship is terrifying when rough waters approach, and so we stall at the wheel. We fear commitment, and so we hesitate.


When commitment is hard, h

esitation is simple.

Yet as we put off commitment, we learn to be idle isn’t comfortable, either. Making hard choices may be painful, but sitting idle is numbing. Hesitation is a repugnant, vile degradation of purpose. Hesitation will snuff motivation and erode confidence. Decisions, whether mundane or mountainous, should not be ignored.

Life marches on with or without us, and our choices, whether right or wrong in hindsight, represent our forward strides. Some believe hard choices are a necessary, incessant burden we face in our daily lives, but they are mistaken. The burden is not the choice at all. The true burden is our hesitation, our indecision in the face of necessary decision. If we face our fear of the unknown, then we will experience the truest form of freedom, and our burdens will be lifted.


The true burden is not decision, but our hesitation in the face of decision.

Although a cage can be comfortable, bondage can be freeing, and restriction can bring peace, these idle comforts are nothing more than a veil shrouding true comfort, true freedom, true peace, and our truest potential.

Do not fear the wrong choice. Make the wrong decision. Move forward.

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